Influencer Marketing

New way of story making!

Searching for an authentic and native way to put your brand or destination on the map? Cherry LAB collaborates with influencers in influencer marketing and integrates trend watching. Curious what we can do for you? Read along!

Cherry LAB Influencer-marketing

The importance of influencers

With adblockers, the gift of millennials to see through advertorials and the high value of peer 2 peer content (amongst others), brands and destinations are in search for new ways to create visibly at their target group. Influencers marketing makes sure your message gets delivered a the right public in a native way. Cherry LAB loves to help! We work with influencer in various ways:

  • Campaigns
  • Ambassorships
  • Influencer events
  • Re-activations



A region or city that needs some spotlight? Or do you maybe have a cool new service you want to create attention for? Cherry LAB loves to think along in a creative way about research, strategy & concept development, content creation and matchmaking to then form this into a successful influencer campaign! From kick-off events and media visits to sponsored promotions; we compose the best mix to get the greatest results. Examples of earlier campaigns are Icelandair, Camptoo and Switzerland.


An influencer as ambassador is a great way to create a long distance relationship between influencer and brand in which reliable content is published. In case of an ambassadorship, we decide which influencer can radiate your brand values within a spectaculair, customised (travel)campaign. By using ambassadors, you are assured that your message will be received among your  target audience.

Influencer events

We connect brands and influencers through events. These events are an inspiring and interactive way to get in touch with important influencers.


Already had a lot of successful collaborations with influencers but are you searching for a new impuls? Cherry LAB loves to reactivate your network to generate new content about your brand throughout the year!