Influencer PR & Marketing

Marketing new style: influencers

Cherry LAB collaborates with influencers who put destinations, hotels, lifestylebrands, airlines and travel organisations
on the (travel)map through storytelling and storymaking. In addition, Cherry LAB integrates trendwachting in Influencer PR & Marketing.

Cherry LAB Influencer-marketing
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The importance of influencers

Influencers are hot! They make sure your brand message reaches your target audience in a native way. Using the right influencers enhances the results in PR. Cherry LAB collaborates with influencers in different ways, namely:

  • Brand alliances
  • Campaigns & Ambassorships
  • Influencer events

Matching brands: brand alliances

Brands with the same target group can strengthen each other by means of collaborations. In case of a brand alliance, we match brands (based on barter). In that way, the brands will take over each others fanbase. The opportunities are within direct mailings, social media campaigns and win promotions.

An influencer as an ambassador

In case of an ambassadorship, we decide which influencer can radiate your brand values within a spectaculair, customised (travel)campaign. By using ambassadors, you are assured that your message will be received among your  target audience.

Influencer events

We connect brands and influencers through influencer events. These events are an inspiring and interactive way to get in touch with important influencers.