Inline PR

Cherry LAB develops on-trend strategies and campaigns. We organise the full Inline PR activities and believe in an inline approach. We create synergy between offline-, online- and social manifestations that takes your brand to the next level. Also in our Inline PR work, our strategic starting point are trends in the field of travel and communication.

Inline PR
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Cherry LAB

At Cherry LAB we thrive to create the most optimal result in everything we do. This varies from campaigns with influencers to medialobby’s in the direction of radio and television, from events to the organisation of mediatrips: every brand or destination deserves to tell their story. We embed these activities separately or in synergy:

  • Strategy
  • Campaign development
  • Corporate Communications
  • Interviews
  • Mediatrips
  • Social PR
  • Medialobby
  • Influencer PR
  • Brand Alliances
  • Influencer Events
  • Trendcontent

Inline approach

Online versions of print media, blogs and social media become more and more important next to newpapers, radio and television. That is why Cherry LAB chooses an approach where offline, online and social strengthen each other. This is how we pick the cherries from the changing multimedialandscape.

Trends X Inline PR

Cherry LAB believes that trendwatching and PR go hand in hand. We spot trends and translate them into valuable strategies which form the base of our collaborations with media. We connect trends to products and news from our clients.

Influencing PR & Marketing

Cherry LAB finds the edge of (online) marketing and PR by creating strategic content and marketing campaigns and by setting up ambassadorships with media, which are all based on trend insights.

Influencing Events

We organise events that unite brands, media and influencers. We even customise events for our clients, but also to the whole industry with our annual Storymakers Event!