Always on-trend

Cherry LAB researches, inspires and connects. We are an on-trend Amsterdam based new generation agency with an inline approach and a passion for travel. Trend watching is our strategic starting point that translates into everything we do. No wonder that one of our main activities is researching the latest trends in travel and communication in our LAB.

The insights we gain from our LAB results into 4 pillars. These are used to develop strategies, PR- and Marketing campaigns, trend presentations and events. We do believe in sharing our knowledge, that’s why we provide Do-It-Yourself workshops. Do you want to know more about our 4 pillars, who we are, for whom we work and where to find us? Scroll down!

Cherry LAB on trend
Cherry LAB trends


Trends inspire us. When analysing trends, you automatically better comprehend more what the needs of consumers are and why these exist. Additionally, we monitor developments in the field of PR and Marketing to help meeting these needs. As a result Cherry LAB guides brand and destinations in achieving their goals. This translates into 4 pillars that we use.

4 pillars

  • Research

From tailor made research and our annual Travel Trends Files to brain picking and concept development. Read more about it on Trendwatching & Research.

  • Inline PR

Cherry LAB implements the whole package of Inline PR. We are proud to provide the cherry on the cake for our clients. Curious? See Inline PR.

  • Events

We are always curious and often visit network events or conferences as a visitor or speaker. We als organise our own events for the media and industry. Storymakers Event is our first baby!

  • Do It Yourself

Are you a professional and do you want to expand your expertise? We love to help you with workshops in our LAB or at your office. See all our workshops.

Cherry LAB: who and for whom?

Are you curious for whom we work and what we exactly do? Check our cases in our Portfolio. Do you want to know who we are? We added some snapshots to our Who are we page. You might have seen us in the Dutch or Belgian media or at a conference; a this page you’ll find on overview of where to find us.