Inline PR & Campaigns pop-up stores –

You’ll go wherever you’re meant to go

Nothing more exciting than going on a surprise trip to destination unknown. Cherry LAB represents in the Netherlands and Flanders, with pride! We sent influencers on a blind break for the campaign around the pop-up stores and drew attention for the concept inline. pop-up store

Who and why? The journey is the destination

It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey towards the destination. The goal of blind break organisation is that everyone experiences at least one blind break in life. Goals of the campaign were to increase the brand awareness, to increase the traffic towards the website and to give shape to the brand.

Strategy? Put a new brand on the map at once

Cherry LAB took care of the communication and PR of the pop-up stores. Suddenly, was everywhere because we send content through all channels at the same time: radio, television, social media and local newspapers. The campaign was focussed on loading the brand name. Because of the cross media approach, experienced a huge high in the exposure around its brand name; in-store, online and offline. Besides that, online influencers experienced the trips while immediately leaving from the pop-up store.

Tools? Influencer PR & Marketing

  • Media Updates
  • Media Lobby
  • Media drink in the pop-up stores
  • Trips for influencers
  • Interviews
  • Competitions on the radio

Results? on the map.

The brand was put on the map thanks to the constant PR lobby and two campaigns around the pop-up stores. By announcing in three radio programmes, interviews on television and radio, 30 personal experience stories with 150 social posts and 100 articles in response to the media-lobby, no one could have missed