Pop-up store Pop into Berlin – visitBerlin

visitBerlin has brought the best of trendy Berlin to Amsterdam in the one week pop-up store Pop into Berlin. We were responsible for the PR, branding and promotion.

visitBerlin Pop-into-Berlin
vistBerlin pop-up store

Who and why? Promoting Berlin through an in-store Berlin experience

There is no better way than introducing potential travellers to Berlin by promoting the city as a hotspot through a pop-up store that radiates its environmental trendiness.

Strategy? Out of the box guerilla marketing and PR

PR before and during the event. For an ultimate visibility of the event details Amsterdam bike city was covered with saddle covers about the store. To encourage visitors to discover the store they had the opportunity to immediately jump into an adventurous tuk- tuk that brought them to the store.


  • Press releases
  • Media lobby
  • Interviews on local radio
  • 1 on 1 visit press to store: guided tour, photo opportunities and interviews
  • Social media competitions
  • PR event
  • Guerilla marketing: Amsterdam bike city saddle cover overtake, tuk-tuks who transport unaware tourists and locals to the store
  • Promotion: hand out store details
  • Branding: outdoor visibility in town by logo promotion on tuk-tuks

Result? Berlin top of mind holiday destination

Over 80 newspapers, lifestyle magazines, local media, radio, blogs and hotspot websites gave broad attention to Pop into Berlin by adding it on to the agenda-tips and/or publishing interviews about the store and visitBerlin’s aim of Pop into Berlin. And not to forget: a full pop up store and brand awareness about the City of Berlin.