Corporate Communication & Influencer PR – Icelandair

Icelandair: for the adventurous travellers

Because Iceland is a must on the bucket list of each active traveller, we promote Iceland for airline Icelandair and the #mystopover campaign for Dutch and Flemish adventurers.

PR Icelandair
PR Icelandair

Who and Why? Allround PR

We are responsible of the whole spectrum for Icelandair. From spreading the news on corporate financial results and flight plans to events, mediatrips and campaigns. The objective is to make Icelandair visible in a consistent and qualitative way amongst a broad range of media. This is emphasised with the #Mystopover campaign where it is possible to stay seven days for free on Iceland as a stopover to Canada or the United States.

Strategy? Always in the news

The strategy is to focus on sharing news and inspiring content about Icelandair and Iceland on the one hand and the creation of ambassadorships and mediatrips on the other hand. In that way Icelandair keeps popping up in print, online en social media.


  • Corporate press releases
  • Media updates with news about Iceland and the destination overseas
  • Mediatrips
  • Interviews with marketing, communications and traveltitels
  • Influencers marketing campaigns with bloggers, vloggers and social media icons.
  • PR events
  • Reports with visibility in the media

Results? Icelandair top of mind

Airline Icelandair is top of mind for everyone who wants to fly to Iceland or do a stopover at Iceland on their way to Canada or the United States. Because of the influencer campaigns, the beautiful nature of Iceland is also spread amongst within the heart of a community that consists of nature lovers. In 2015, we realised more than 550 publications in newspapers, magazines, blogs and on television.