Online influencer campaign Swiss Tourism

Ever heard of the Grand Tour of Switzerland? Each of the 10 influencers discovered his or her own part of the 1600 kilometer route. We have set up and monitored this campaign from A-Z.

Portfolio - Zwitserland toerisme
Online influencer campagne - Zwitserland Toerisme
Online influencer campagne - Zwitserland Toerisme

Who and why? Promote Grand Tour of Switzerland

The Grand Tour of Switzerland is a route consisting of 1600 kilometers and 9 sections that connect 44 landscapes and cultural highlights in one roadtrip. Zwitserland Toerisme wanted to creat more online and social ‘buzz’ for the Grand Tour of Switzerland and the destination itself, via an online influencers campaign.

Strategy? Content marketing & PR

Together with Zwitserland Tourism we developed a concept for this campaign. We have set up 10 A-Z campaigns with bloggers, vloggers and social influencers from The Netherlands and Belgium. From July 1-5, all influencers travelled to Switzerland together where we collected them in a kick off event. After they would discover their own part of the tour. All sections were adapted to the specific target group of the influencer. Before, during and after the trip there was an ongoing activity of sharing content through various channels. Everyone used the hashtag #SwissGrandTour.


  • Concept development of the campaign
  • 10 A-Z influencer campaigns
  • Kick off event:
    • Presentation about the Grand Tour of Switzerland
    • Lunch and diner in Zürich
    • City tour through Zürich
  • 10 individuele itineraries focusing on the target group and wishes of the influencers.

Results: Big buzz for the Grand Tour of Switzerland

The online influencers campaign resulted in more than 300 posts ( blogs, vlogs and social media post. The goal to create more attention for the Grand Tour of Switzerland has been accomplished!