Online influencer event #FoodiesFries – Merk Fryslân

Super cool! For the Brand Friesland, we did a foodtour with 17 online food influencers along the foodhotspots of Friesland and the Capital of Taste Leeuwarden. Friesland as culinair hotspot is the real deal according to these online influencers.

Friesland Foodtour

Who and why? Food influencers on tour for Merk Fryslân.

The tourist board of Friesland, Merk Fryslân, wants to give attention to its gastronomy and local products. With this tour, we enabled the food influencers to taste and experience why Leeuwarden is called the Capital of Taste.

Strategy? Culinair tour and jam sessions with influencers

Our campaign was focussed on letting the most important food influencers taste and experience everything that Leeuwarden foodwise has got to offer. Besides a culinair tour, they could participate in a jamsession cooking class. This resulted in unique native content.

Tools? Foodtour with 17 gastronomy influencers, program:

1. A presentation about the Frisian gastronomy in general and Leeuwarden as the Capital of Taste
2. A walk through Leeuwarden. Influencers visited local products and topchefs and could taste culinairy delights.
3. A tour with an oldschool bus through the Frisian countryside passing local producers
4. A cooking class with four Frisian cooks and students from the local school.

Results? Unique #FoodiesFriesland content!

What did the online influencers think of the exciting Frisian kitchen? The event resulted in more than 120 social media posts and 40 unique blogposts which targeted the most relevant target group: food lovers. Because of this event, the interest for the Frisian kitchen and visits to Friesland increased.