Destination Marketing – Turismo do Alentejo

Without a doubt the most beautiful region of Portugal: Alentejo. Through full representation we promoted this diverse region to media, the travel industry and lovers of wonderful nature, excellent gastronomy and thrilling history.

Turismo do Alentejo
Turismo do Alentejo

Who and why? Introduction pristine Portugese region to the Benelux

Just above the Algarve there is this pristine region called Alentejo. If Benelux travellers only knew about it, it would be their first stop. To promote the beauty of this relatively unknown region the only thing to achieve that was necessary was brand awareness.

Strategy? Full Representation

A region like Alentejo deserves an extensive, multichannel approach. Through an intensive campaign focussed on media, the travel industry as well as directly to consumers, we successfully introduced this region to the right audience.


  • Inline PR: press releases, mediatrips, interviews
  • Branding: events for influencers
  • Social Media: strategy content and community management
  • Consumer Marketing: representation at consumer fairs
  • Trade Marketing & Sales: door-to-door sales activities
  • Market research and trend advice and trend implementation
  • B2C Marketing
  • Events
  • Fairs and trade fairs

Results? Hidden gem Alentejo on the map

Alentejo, the hidden gem of Portugal was after 350 publications (luckily) not that secret anymore. The attention given to this region by all national newspapers, blogs, magazines and trade media is unparalleled. Ten niche tour operators directly offered trips to Alentejo and the region was happy to welcome over 150% more tourists from the Benelux.