Trendresearch & Launch PR Campaign – Camptoo

The sharing economy platform Camptoo, who unites private owners and renters of campers and caravans, is on-trend! As a base of the report we researched the current travel needs and camping- and sharing trends. In that way we have put Camptoo as a first mover on the map via newspapers, magazines, blogs, vlogs and websites


Who and why? Promoting on trend travel organization

Camptoo was founded in 2014 and is the first and biggest sharing economy platform for campers and caravans in the Netherlands. The aim of our campaign is to brand Camptoo as an on trend travel organisation that offers cool camper road trips and as a first mover to generate brand awareness and enthuses and collect more (potential) renters and owners.

Strategy? Research & communicate the camping needs and behaviour of 2016

By connecting the concept of the trends within the sharing economy and the road tripping in an authentic camping way, we were able to position Camptoo and launch them in the media as thé ‘Airbnb on wheels’. The trend report was our starting point from where we, by lobbying and organising media trips and interviews, created as much exposure as possible for Camptoo.


  • Trend research of the sharing economy, camping needs and behaviour and how Camptoo responds to these trends
  • Media updates to introduce Camptoo to B2C and B2B media
  • Personally pitching the trend report to online, print and RTV media
  • Sending 5 groups of online influencers on a roadtrip with a camper at the same time to create a boost
  • Individual media trips for continuous exposure
  • Interviews (on wheels) with the founder Martijn Peeters

Results? Awareness

In total, more than 250 publications have appeared on Camptoo in response to our initiatives. These publications were on blogs, online magazines, social media channels and in newspapers, print magazines and RTV media. One of our top publications was an article in Volkskrant magazine that was written according to the trend report, an interview with founder Martijn and an individual media trip to test the concept. More and more travellers dare to take the leap and want tot travel with a campervan or caravan of a private owner. Camptoo is booming!