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Purpose LAb

Purpose Lab

Cherry LAB is getting ready for a next step as Purpose Lab: a lab for conscious travel & lifestyle. After six years of growth it was time for founder Tessa aan de stegge to recalibrate and to determine a fresh vision on the future.

Would you like to know what Purpose Lab stands for, what’s is on the planning and what the lab could mean for you? Read on!

Why Purpose Lab?

We travel a lot, at the same time this becomes uncomfortable. A true travel revolution is going on, not underground but in public. “How can we continue to travel, with peace of mind about the impact?” Purpose Lab puts ways of traveling in the spotlight that enable people to enjoy traveling as much as they are used to and give them tools to deal in a future proof way with the places where they are guests.

What’s up exactly with the impact of traveling?

The impact of traveling is, just like the impact of the fashion, food and gasoline industry, a hot topic. That’s not so strange, because we travel more and more and there is an increasing awareness of the positive as well as negative effects on our own travel experience as well as the lives of local people, the economy and the environment. The industry thinks about solutions for overtourism and on the consumer side the question rises “Are holidays that much fun when I am this over-tourist?”. The group of conscious people is growing and the morals concerning traveling are changing because of our own interests and the proces of sustainability.

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What’s the vision of Purpose Lab?

Purpose Lab believen that traveling with a light heart can become the norm and therefor develops projects for companies and destination for whom an (more) conscious way of traveling is a priority. Business and sustainability can be a happy marriage. Purpose Lab offers a down to earth and inspirational approach on how we can make travel and holidays a bit better for all parties involved.

How does Purpose Lab work?

Purpose Lab develops concrete projects that match with trends and developments that founder Tessa aan de stegge encounters in her research about traveling. The lab develops PR-campaigns, Presentations, Workshops and Events. Experts in marketing and design, journalists, content creators, opinion leaders and scientists with the right knowhow are involved. In the backpack of Purpose Lab as a new company we bring the the six years of experience and network of  Cherry LAB.

Will the StoryMakers Event continue to exist?

StoryMakers will continue to exist. Also Purpose Lab continues to bring trends, brands, media , destinations and opinion leaders together with events that will keep the name StoryMakers. However, the size and frequency of the event will change. There will possibly be plural StoryMakers Events per year with topics related to projects or specific themes.

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Photo: Riksja Family

Which projects are on the roll?

Purpose Lab has secretly already started! The year was kicked of with a research about Meaningful Traveling by founder and trendwatcher Tessa aan de Stegge. She presented this trend and other travel trends during conferences and in-house events for a number of twenty destinations and companies, among other the city Marketing of Maastricht, Curacao Tourist Board, insurance company ANWB and the trade day of the annual Vakantiebeurs. The lab also developed a campaign focused on quality tourism in cooperation with three micro content creators for destination Latvia. Workshops in the field of sustainable travel and pr were performed at Riksja Travel and Travel Impact Lab.

In the coming months Tessa will share inspiration about the trend Purpose Travel during the annual Summit of TradeTracker and the conference of Travel Media in Belgium, a workshop about pr & sustainability will be given on the Travel Congres, as well as  a presentation of Travel Trends 2029 during the Tradeday of Vakantiebeurs. A new campaign has been signed for: Purpose Lab will represent the German region Baden Württemberg. Currently the strategy is being developed and responsible tourism is an important pillar.

When can I see  Purpose Lab ‘live’?

We are busy developing the corporate identity and website! As of January 2019 Purpose Lab will be officially ‘live’. Until then you will receive emails, newsletters and press releases from Cherry LAB and news will be posted on this blog.

How can I get in touch?

You can reach Tessa aan de Stegge via tessa @ tessaaandestegge . com.

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