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What’s cool?

Soho House 

Soho House is founded in 1995 as a home away from home for people working in the creative industry like theatre, movies, art, music et cetera. Since 1995, Soho House is located on three continents and you have to buy a membership to be part of the creative community. To get in you have to know at least two other members and they have to recommend you to the commission. There is an average cost of 2000 dollar to buy a membership for a year. An overnight stay costs 250 dollar.

Most of the houses are located in the United Kingdom and North America, there are also Soho Houses in Berlin and Istanbul.

On trend?
Yes! We love exclusivity nowadays. That is why this fits the trend ‘no size fits all’, where it is all about exclusivity and personalisation. Soho House is definitely exclusive, looking at the commission, the disciplines and the high payment for the membership. It gets personal with the invitation or approval of two other members. You have to really want it!


Something for you?
If you are creative, love exclusivity, want to have a home away from home and think the money is worth it, this is definitely something for you! One small detail, registration costs are 150 dollar.

How’d you get it?
On the website there are several memberships. Aged under 27 and access to one Soho House costs 1000 dollar. Aged above 27 and access to all Soho Houses costs 2800 dollar. A lot of money, but you have access to a lot of houses around the globe in exchange!

Hot or not?
Hot! To us it sounds amazing to talk, be creative and relax with people in a creative atmosphere. Besides, the locations and houses are beautiful. We do think it is an excessive exclusivity.

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