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Lisa Kolster Cherry LAB

Cherry LAB’s passion for time well spent goes beyond boundaries! We are not only inspired by our own experiences, favorite gadgets and special places. Our inspiration is also stimulated by the unique stories of other globetrotters and people with a mission. That’s why we put a new Hero in the spotlight once in a while. These are heroes from all over the world and of course from our own country. Maybe you are next!

Her passion for photography and video already showed through her education but thanks to a competition for FOX, she also discovered her passion for travelling! By now, our newest Travel Hero Lisa Kolster already enjoyed the view over Cape Town from Lions Head and she claimed the Preikestolen in Norway, but her bucket list is still endlessly long. On top of all this, she is organizing her own group trip to South-Africa in 2018. Her dream? To inspire other travellers with her personal travel video’s. We like!

1. What makes you a true hero? 

A hero. Wow, what an honor to be called that. I don’t see myself as an online personality because what you see in front of the camera is what you get in real life as well. Alright, it’s not everyday that I’m on top of Lions Head in Cape Town or at the Preikestolen, but the way I talk to my followers is the same as I would do on a lazy Sunday on the couch. In my video’s, I try to combine my personality and cool film shots. This way, my followers get the feeling that they are really travelling with me. I get a lot of compliments about this way of filming, always nice to hear!

2. What’s driving you and your success? What do you want to achieve?

In 2015, I joined a competition of FOX Verre Reizen about filming yourself in South-Africa. I was busy with my film education and decided to compete. At least I tried, was what I thought. Eventually, I got picked with three others to film a group trip to South-Africa. It was my first adventure all by myself. I joined a singles trip without any peers of my age but had the time of my life, I absolutely loved it! During this trip, I decided to film my adventure and create a Youtube channel. Youtube was no stranger to me since I already started an account with my twin sister (160.000 subscribers). I want something for myself, where I could put in my creativity and love for travelling and adventure. By combining cool shots, I wanted to show the world that women are great filmmakers too. Drones, stabilizers, camera’s; I take it all with me in my camera bag and head off. The combination of beautiful shots and giving my followers the feeling that they are travelling with me is what makes my channel unique.
Lisa Kolster Cherry LAB

 3. What is the highlight of your career so far? 

That I’ve got the possibility to travel, to inspire others and to learn during these trips. I’m only at the beginning of my adventure which makes every trip and collaboration a highlight. But the highlight of all highlights is the group trip to South-Africa I’m organizing next summer. A group trip where we travel for two weeks through South-Africa in which I give workshops about filming, photography and social media. The first group is almost filled! I can teach my followers everything I know and inspire them to chase their ambitions. And of course, to show the beautiful South-Africa.

4.What can we expect from you anytime soon? 

Wauw, 2017 is almost over. 2017 is the year in which I chased my ambitions and started to focus on my travel channel. In the meantime, I graduated from my film education so I can focus even more on travelling. For 2018 I would like to create even more content; great travel video’s and more adventures! I would also really like it to collaborate more with peers with the same passion in 2018. 2018, I’m ready for you!

5. To top off: what is your ultimate travel tip for the modern traveler? 

Enjoy! Everyone is so busy with social media these days, they often forgot to truly enjoy the spots they visit. Of course I also recognize this and therefore try to put away my camera sometimes to just watch the beautiful surroundings. I guess I’m not the only one who feels this way. Therefore people: ENJOY!

More about Lisa? Also check her Youtube channel or Instagram!

Lisa Kolster Cherry LAB