Travel Hero: The Bucket List Family

bucket list family

Cherry LAB’s passion for time well spent goes beyond boundaries! We are not only inspired by our own experiences, favorite gadgets and special places. Our inspiration is also stimulated by the unique stories of other globetrotters and people with a mission. That’s why we put a new Hero in the spotlight once in a while. These are heroes from all over the world and of course from our own country. Maybe you are next!

A family that sold all their belongings in order to travel the world. Sounds good right? It was an absolute no-brainer for the Gee family, also known as The Bucket List Family. After Garrett sold his app to Snapchat (for 54 million euro!), the travel bug started itching. They saved traveling money by selling all their belongings to travel the world for 4 to 5 months. By now, two years have passed and the family has seen 45 countries already (amongst which the Netherlands!). Along the way, they try to help other people as well. True Travel Hero’s!

  1. What makes this family true heros?

The Gees show us that you can perfectly travel around the world with a family. Despite their millionaire status, they believe there is so much more to learn about life which you don’t learn by leaning back. The young family wants to live a healthy lifestyle and create their own traditions that makes them and others better persons, before settling down at one place and start building a future. When mum Jessica went through an eye surgery, she gave away the same surgery to five  people who needed it is as well. Since then they help somebody anonymously every month: one time they gave a family a surprise trip to Disneyland, another time they supported a student who couldn’t afford college. They finance their travel mostly through sponsordeals on their Youtube and Instagram channel. Their royal savings are meant for creating of helping out foundations and for their future.


  1. What’s driving The Bucketlist Family and their success? What do they want to achieve?

The sudden millionaire status of the Gee family got them thinking. Do they need to settle down now they have two children? Instead of purchasing a bigger home, they decided to make a bucket list. They chose for a different way of life in which their priority relies on experiences, development and culture rather than materialistic things, money and comfort. ‘We don’t try to be tourists, but are really living in a certain place for a week, one week in each country,’ say Jessica and Garett. Therefore, the family bought a week pass for the gym while in Amsterdam and also rented a cargo bike to easily move around with the little ones.

Cherry LAB Bucketlist Family

  1. What’s the highlight of The Bucket List Family’s career?

The most memorable experiences of Garrett and Jessica and their kids are swimming with humpback whales, gardening in New Zealand and teaching their son Manilla how to walk in Tongo. Traveling gave them an open mind and brought them new knowledge on different cultures. Also, their bucket list has expanded instead of slimmed with wishes such as plant their own vegetable garden, buy a prom dress for their daughter Dorothy, watch Manilla score a goal in soccer, treasure hunting in Bermuda and living in a lighthouse. They keep everybody posted about their extraordinary experiences via their website, Instagram, Snapchat en Youtube. For now, they keep on travelling and you can follow them through Instagram on @thebucketlistfamily.

Bucket list family