Meet the team: Birgit

Cherry LAB - interview Birgit

‘Finally, a face that matches the name!’ Because who is Birgit really, this newest Cherry LAB-member who organizes all cool trips for, the Vesper Hotel and Beachclub Bries? She worked for four years at a lifestyle pr agency and loves to travel as much as possible. The upcoming period, Birgit will be busy with the Storymakers Event. Want to know more? Check out our blog and discover Birgit’s vision on pr, influencers marketing and her sources of inspiration.

Why do you love working at the PR branche?
I strongly believe in the power of pr and online marketing. A brand gains (more) awareness through positive recommendations from journalists and influencers. To achieve these goals, I mainly focus on storytelling; transferring core messages through relevant media. I like a proactive working attitude: translating trends into pr opportunities, giving strategical advice and of course select the best media. As an external pr advisor, I always try to be an extension of the organization I’m working with.

How did you end up at Cherry LAB?
Before Cherry LAB, I worked at a lifestyle pr agency where I was responsible for various fashion accounts. Day-to-day pr was one of the most important parts of my job. I learned to adjust quickly, be creative with news and was in contact with editors, influencers and stylists. I noticed after four years that I wanted to do more for my clients and wanted to help and advise them strategically. At Cherry LAB, I got the chance to be a strategic advisor besides doing the operational work.

Why did you switch from lifestyle to travel?
The transfer from pr manager in Fashion to pr advisor in Travel was a suiting and good step for me. It might sound as a cliché but what is better than to convert your hobby into your work? My huge bucket list keeps getting longer and I love to get inspired by other cultures. Besides this, I think the exposure in this branche is very interesting as well. In travel, it’s all about experiences and authenticity; everyone experiences a trip their own way. I’m fascinated by this specific travel experience that is transformed into native content.

What was your most beautiful trip?
In January and February this year, I travelled through South America with my boyfriend Wesley. This was also the moment when I realized that I really wanted to make a switch to the travel industry. What an experience; we did a lot of bucket list activities! For example: we went ice hiking through the Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia, rode a horse with real gauchos along the Chilean Andean mountains and saw one of the most risky Argentine football matches: the Supercopa final between Lanús and Riverplate.

Cherry LAB - Meet the team: Birgit

What do you want to learn at Cherry LAB?
In the beginning of March 2018, the fourth edition of the Storymakers event takes place. This is a very important day where online influencers and brands from the travel and lifestyle industry come together. During the symposium, several trend presentations are given and after this brands and destinations will be able to present themselves to online media at the Shop & Stop Market. A very interesting day! I will take part in the organization of this event. It seems very educational and fun to me.

So you think Influencer marketing is important?
Of course! More and more brands are investing in this type of online marketing and I am definitely supporting this. Do you want to increase your brand awareness (in a short time) as a company? You should be partnering with bloggers and influencers! People with hundreds of followers increase the connection with the target audience through authentic storytelling and valuable opinions that only can be created through a trusted third-party source. It is important to build a long-term relationship with the best (social) influencers who are most relevant to the campaign. Through this kind of collaborations, you will definitely get the best results.

What about the traditional print media?
I’m still very excited about magazines: touching the paper, the photography and the written content by professional journalists. Unfortunately magazines are having a real rough time. Advertising revenues are falling fast because they are more often making a switch to the online channels. On the other hand most influencers doing a great job nowadays. They have shown that they really have to earn a role in the marketing strategy of their advertisers. So, I’m a supporter of a crossmedial collaboration!

Cherry LAB: meet the team (Birgit)

Who or what is your source of inspiration?
I love people with a strong personality and well argumented opinions (if we agree or don’t agree). Luckily I am surrounded by lots of those people in my group of friends, family and at work. I also get a great deal of inspiration ánd energy from traveling: go clubbing with locals in Tokyo, ride on a camel in Marrakech or visit the coolest musicals in New York. Furthermore, I read a lot of books, newspapers, blogs and content driven websites.

A suiting end: what is on top of your travel bucketlist?
Visiting the Galapagos Islands. With a well-filled wallet, that has to be said. There are not many facilities for humans which makes finding affordable accommodations hard. I really love animals and on the Galapagos Islands, many unique species live in harmony together. Fun fact: the animals are tame by nature because of the lack of natural enemies. Seems like paradise to me!