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What’s new? 


The SkyDeck is an entertainment system designed for passengers to view the surroundings during the flight. You are basically situated in a bubble connected to the top of the plane. The chairs inside the bubble can turn 360 degrees, so you have an outstanding view at a 10-kilometer height. You can enter the chairs by elevator or stairs.

SkyDeck is attached on the planes’ rooftop. Windspeed Technologies LL designed the unique seats and got a patent on it.

On trend?
Yes, for sure! SkyDeck fits the trend ‘collect memories’ where making great memories and experience are key. This SkyDeck is definitely a unique experience where you escape your fellow passengers and you find yourself literally with your head in the clouds. If that’s not a good story to tell your friends..


Something for you?
Are you in for an adventure and do you want to know what pilots see daily, but then even more spectacular? This unique experience is something for you! It is still unknown if SkyDeck is going to be available per flight or that there will be tickets for a certain time in the bubble.

How’d you get it?
The designs are already here since 2015, but it is still a question when it will enter the market. We hope very soon, we definitely want to see such a phenomenal view!

Hot or not?
Yes, this is hot! It’s quite scary if you think about it: your head is actually not inside the planes’ body anymore. But it is a unique experience. So, if want to enjoy the surroundings on a 10-kilometre height, this is your chance!

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